Sunday, August 23, 2015

Training 2015/08/21 #030 -- more knee on belly and some takedowns

We reviewed a few other things today after some warm up rolling. I was almost choked out after giving up my back but managed to get that almost mythical foot lock after my partner put me in a body a triangle. So that was cool.

Koshi Nage -- this one felt better than it had. I was a bit confused about the arms but it’s the lagging arm that goes high. Just think: if your trying to put your opponent all the way across your back you have to use that arm and overstep. Keep your hips close!

Side control -- we talked a bit about the process of getting into side control. Basically, shoulder of justice and then pin the back of their gi and the material of their pants at the hip. Then slide your knee across.

We also reviewed the side control attacks and they all went well.

Standing self defenses

Headlock (bent over) hip and knee hold, scoot under to arm-lock finish -- so you're in the stand bully headlock. Reach around and control their far hip by cupping their hip bone. Block the outside of their other knee with your other hand. Step around toward the front so you're almost facing them and then drop onto your butt. Your partner will fall back over your leg and you will roll on top but you are probably still in a headlock. Put your forearm across your partner's throat and make a frame. Saw back and forth to pry open the headlock. If they are really strong, move so their elbow is up above their head and you will get control of the arm. There are a few options here but we practiced getting the upright armlock. We have started using gokyo/goose-neck to get the submission.

Training 2015/08/14 #029 -- knee on belly, kimuras

It had been a few weeks so there was lots to work on. We just started picking things off the syllabus.

Ground transitions

Side control to knee on belly -- this one is pretty basic. Keep a tight side control with a lot of pressure on the far elbow. Bring your inside knee across their belly. Pin the back of their gi at the neck with your upper hand and posture up. Ensure that they can't grab your other leg by keeping it out wide beside their head. You can now transition grips.

You can also move to the other side. Keep pressure on your partner and switch knees back and forth. You can swing to the other side by basically pivoting with both knees in their belly button. Not nice.

Mount to rear mount -- this is really like a kids game. Open your mount on one side to encourage them to roll. An experience practitioner will hip escape but a novice will roll. Keep them rolling and stay with them. Get them to basically roll into your rear mount.

Guard hip bump sweep to mount -- we have done this one before. Start from getting choked in your guard. Pray, swim, and snap their wrists down. Keep control of one side. They might come forward. That's okay. Open your guard and make some space. As your opponent sits up, go with them. Reach your non-controlling hand over across and over their shoulder and grab the trap of their far side arm. Post behind you with the hand that had wrist control. Sweep out the arm while extending your hips. You really need to be deep with your hips to get it to work.

Knee on belly to near side arm-lock -- you get knee on belly and your opponent tries to push you off. Control the pushing hand and then step over their head. Straighten the arm and get the standing arm bar. It will be very hard for your partner to hip escape. Even if they push you over you can still get the belly down arm lock.

Knee on belly to far side arm-lock -- you get knee of belly and your partner tries to push off your knee. They will make this triangle shape with their far arm. Scoop through that triangle to control that far arm. Now you have options such as the upright kimura. In this case, I think that we're looking for that traditional arm lock. Swing the leg that isn't on their belly around their head. Really try to get your toes into their back. Slowly sit down and lie back. Don't let any space open up. Squeeze your knees. You should be able to get a shoulder lock. You can then extend further and get the arm lock.

Knee on belly escape -- swipe knee and move hips. You know that pushing them off will get you arm locked. So what do you do? Use your near side arm to control their knee and then hip escape out from under. Be quick to get a knee in to retake guard.

Bottom guard to kimura finish -- start with your opponent choking: pray, swim, and whip their hands down to the mat. Simultaneously, use your guard to full them forward and break their posture. Control one wrist. Open your guard and spin out from under your partner toward the controlled wrist. Bring that same side leg up over their back and keep their posture broken. Get the kimura grip and push their arm up. You might have to hip escape a few times to get the right body position.

Training 2015/07/17 #028 -- shihonage

This one was mostly review on shihonage. I remember there was a lot about moving your body, getting full extension, etc. But now, it's gone. Nuts.