Wednesday, March 09, 2016

What works in long form LinkedIn posts?

Not questions as titles apparently. It's a good question and there are a lot of ideas out there on the intarwebs.

This author suggests concrete advice for people entering the field, future projection, industry problems, necessary skills, changes to an industry,  and advice for career advancement.

Here we have some advice on how to "crush it as a LinkedIn writer." The tips are basic: write what you know, write often (800-2000 words), remember your audience, pay attention to the headline, use the news for ideas, attribute, and share.

And here we get a SlideShare presentation on this stuff. Same stuff.

Here's a decent guide. I particularly like its insights on titles: how-to posts ("How to Establish your Brand Message"), listicles ("8 Ways Social Marketing Benefits your Brand"), add specific numbers. What doens't work? Question posts ("How do you...").

More images are better than none. Thursdays and Sundays get the best bump.

Some more good insights: titles between 40 and 49 characters; 8 images is best (at least one at the top); don't add videos or other assets; how-tos and lists are best; question posts aren't great; five headings lead to best usage; long form content is good 1900-2000 words... that's a lot of words; use neutral sentiment (via AlchemyAPI); Fleisch-Kincaid 80-89; promote via other networks, particularly Twitter;  likes are important; add a call to action ("let me know if you like the post"); publish on Thursday.


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