Friday, October 16, 2015

Training 2015/10/02 #032-- review

Back to normal training.

We worked on a few different things that I may have forgotten. The first was a come along technique.

Come along from shoulder grab -- so your partner is facing you and grabs your same-side shoulder or the front of your jacket. Basically, they grab your collar same-side. Swing your same side arm up from inside and out over their arm (i.e., a whizzer). Come down on top of their elbow so that their elbow rolls to the inside. Step in to get your hips close. Establish a figure-four with your other hand to maintain the position. You need to keep their balance broken so push their opposite shoulder with your other hand. The mechanics are very much like an americana so it's a should lock with some control over their posture.

Come along from back grab -- basically, this move is the same thing but the position is a little bit different. They grab your shoulder from behind. This has to be an opposite hand grab. For example, if they grab your left shoulder with their right hand. You need the room to step back and swing over their arm to trap that elbow and get the come-along.

Wrist turn techniques -- I forget what these things are called. I should really remember… but I don't. I've written about them in the past. Someone grabs your shoulder from behind, same side (or both sides). Pry into their hand and rotate your hips, turning the wrist. The tweak that we added was really about positioning of the other hand. Use your other hand to create a big wheel. That's all good.


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