Friday, September 04, 2015

Oh, my aching back!

Yeah, my back has been giving me some grief. For the last two months I have been waking up like the Tin Man and just generally feeling weak. Finally, Claire badgered me into seeing a physio. The assessment basically said that I have nothing overly wrong other than been old and tight. Awesome.

So, intervention one:

  • McKenzie method (kiwi)
  • Knees to chest and side-to-side
  • Cobra
  • Repeat every morning and several times per day
Intervention two:
  • Mulligan method (another kiwi)
  • Do something about the awesomely bad external rotation in my left hip
  • The Mulligan method looks pretty cool and it seems like Kelly Starrett has put together a few ways to get a similar (although probably muted) effect without the intervention of somebody else. See:

Intervention three:
  • O'Sullivan method (yet another kiwi)
  • Do something about some of my screwy movement patterns
That is all.


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