Friday, October 16, 2015

Training 2015/10/16 #033-- test!

This one seemed to come up on me quite quickly. Apparently I wasn't reading my email or something. Fortunately, I had a few days of warning and then the opportunity for a private immediately before the test. Here's what I learned:

Front fall and turn on back, tap and kick offender's knee, and standing up in base -- you get pushed from behind and fall on your face. Do a forward breakfall. Turn onto your back and kick out (tap) with your top foot. Bring that leg back and plant it. Post behind you with your opposite-side hand. Push off your hand to effectively heel strike your opponent's ankle with the lower foot. Bring this same foot back behind your same side hand to stand up in base.

Spinning back fist -- pretty much what it sounds like. Remember to move your whole body to generate force.

Rear two handed choke, step back arm circle and figure four -- they have you in the reverse zombie choke from behind. Step back with one foot and throw your elbow back. Wrap *both* of their arms.

Kotegaeshi Nage from straight punch -- step off the line and block the punch. Grab their wrist. Keep turning with a tenkan to break their posture. Rotate back the other way, palm strike their face, and keep turning the wrist. Control the arm that you have and keep your opponent moving.

Front bear hug (arms free) make a frame, and knee to groin -- so, you're in a front bear hug with your arms free. Get your forearm across their neck and build a frame to create some space. Swing a leg back and knee them in the groin. Krav maga would also have you stomp the instep and bite the neck...

Rear bear hug (arms trapped) hands up, aiki otoshi -- you're in the rear bear hug. Make some space with your hands by making double Fonzies out at about 30-degrees. Step to the side and then step behind your opponent. You can then bring your opponent down by either grabbing their legs and lifting or by using a sokumen iriminage move.

Rear bear hug (arms free, opponent lifts you up) run, leg hook -- they lift you us. Make a running motion with your legs to force you opponent to drop you. You can then hook a leg with your yours so they can't life you. Or you can move to the next technique.

Rear bear hug (arms free) ankle pick and pull up -- this move continues from the last. Step out a bit so that their foot in on either side of your own. Stick your bum out to make some space, grab their foot, and lift. You basically try to lock that knee and they will drop. There are a variety of leg locks from this position.

Full nelson: aiki otoshi into arm-lock finish -- you're in a full nelson. Lock your hands in front of your forehead to both protect you if you both fall forward and to lock your arms. Step a bit to the side and then step around their hips. Again, you can use a sokumen technique or grab their legs.

Knife: side slash to head with Americana -- step into your partner's attack and block with both hand. The knife side (or outside wrist) stays near the knife. The inside hand comes behind their forearm and you form a gable grip. Your partner is now essentially in a shiho nage position. Pull them to the outside and they will go down. Take a gokyo on the knife holding hand and put the rip cord to get them to drop the knife.

Knife: belly stab, moving target and blend with escort position -- the first technique is really just ikajo osae. As the knife is coming in, step off the line and tenkan to keep them moving. Then you can pin their arm using ikajo.

Knife: attacker pulls back -- same start as above but they pull back the knife. You keep the movement going and wrap them up with an udegarami. Again, it's very shihonage-like.


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