Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sweet's: And February

Sweet's: And the saga stretches into January 1906

Sweet's: Another update

December 1905 saw another update:

Sweet's: The status update

And in November, there was an update.

Sweet's: The first response

The response to Sweet's came in quickly (October 1906):

Sweet's: The announcement

The first announcement of Sweet's from Architectural Record Volume 18, September 1905.

Making the Case for Sweet's: The manufacturer's view

From Architectural Record, March 1905:

Making the Case for Sweet's: The architect's view

I've had a recurring interest in Sweet's. I've recently discovered that the old volumes of Architectural Record are up on Before the Architectural Record Co. released Sweet's they published a series of articles about the problems of catalogues. Here's the architect's view from February 1905 (Volume 17):

Check Architectural Record for February 1905 (Volume 17). Volume 18 contains some interesting information, perhaps to prepare for the introduction of Sweet's: