Monday, September 27, 2004

Shannon/Weaver and Mediated Communication

I've had a few images floating around in my head. The root of one stems from a conversation she had where somebody asked her to relate Activity Theory to the Shannon-Weaver model for information. Here's my take on it. I'm not fully sure how to describe it yet but I'm fascinated at how people can only communicate through some sort of material artefact. That same artefact may similarly support activity and cognition. Hmmm...

Media Matrix

I was thinking about something that Rob Kling (I think) wrote about the field of Social Informatics. He positioned SI along a continuum starting at the study of individuals and electronic communication (HCI) to groups and organizations (CSCW) and finally to Social Informatics. I've decided to build out his continuum in a second dimension by including Media Richness. This thing is certainly a work in progress.