Thursday, May 31, 2007

Books of Inigo Jones

I finally checked up on the item lurking in Jones's library. In addition to the architectural treatises that one would expect an architect to have, he also had a well-annotated Lorini. Interestingly, one of his painters--Mathew Goodericke--owned a Fontana (as did Galileo). He also had a 1551 copy of Vegetius. Harris has more details.

Another interesting aside concerns the role of the specatucular and novel for the stabilization of power in early modern Europe. Festivals and fetes, for example, were a big deal. See Weil.


Harris, J., Jones, I., Orgel, S., & Strong, R. C. (1973). The King's Arcadia--Inigo Jones and the Stuart court: a quatercentenary exhibition held at the Banqueting House, Whitehall, from July 12th to September 2nd, 1973. [London]: Arts Council of Great Britain.

Weil, Mark S. (1991). Love, monsters, movement, and machines: The marvelous in theatres, festivals, and gardens. In Kenseth, J. (ed.) The Age of the marvelous. Hanover, N.H.: Hood Museum of Art. 159-178.

I have to admit that I'm very disappointed in the Ottawa Senators (but probably not as much as they are). I don't even know how I became involved in this series. After the Leafs were out there didn't seem to be much point in watching the rest of the playoffs. But then I started watching. I only get a couple of TV stations and CBC is one of them. After a few Cinderella stories--Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Buffalo--this just seemed to be Ottawa's year. I have to admit, I fell for them.

Now they're getting crushed by Anaheim and I'm disappointed. And I like Anaheim! Pronger, Niedermeyer (x2), and Corey Perry (a former London Knight and Memorial Cup winner)... what's not to like? Just the fact that they are absolutely killing Ottawa. But it's more than that. Ottawa isn't just getting beaten by a better team, they're losing. How many shots did they get last night?

Oh well. In the words of Joni Mitchell: "Look at those jokers / Glued to that damned hockey game."

Monday, May 28, 2007

TM: Inputs

I cobbled together this little flow diagram. I keep on trying to refer to it and then can never find it when I need it. Without further ado: