Thursday, August 07, 2003

Multi-Dimensional Icons

Back in July, I wrote about information visualization and mentioned that we're doing some work on multi-dimensional icons. I've posted a very quick Flash mock up to illustrate some of our ideas and test the feasibility of using Flash as a development platform... despite Tim Bray's concerns about Flash.

Click the red button to see something. I know it looks rough but keep in mind that it only took me about an hour to do... including learning to write actionscript!

The True Story

I was recently given a book containing some of Sam Neill's work. Sam was a member of the faculty at the University of Western Ontario's Graduate School of Library and Information Science; He was also a gifted storyteller.

The True Story

The most important aspect of librarianship

is storytelling.

Factual information

might take you down the road



takes you everywhere

and anywhere.

The storied imagination

feeds hope and desire,

fires visions and determination,

washes earthy empiricism with meaning and

tells it like it is, was, and will be.

Taken from Of Root and Branch : Selections from the writings of Sam Neill.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Corporate Seanachies : Storytelling skills for the modern organization

I've posted a new paper. Here's a quick abstract.

Both the popular and academic press have started putting increased emphasis on storytelling within organizations and businesses. Although these works justify "why" storytelling is important, they fail to address the "how". This article provides some lesson for business gleaned from storytelling in primary schools and public libraries.