Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Moving On

Just on my dissertation. Something about now having two children under two years of age and a full time job that has put the brakes on my dissertation work. But it hasn't stalled completely. I'm currently trying to put together some articulate--or not, it really doesn't matter--discussion of where the TM came from. What were the cultural forces and rhizomes that led to the emergence of these works? Here's a brief outline in byte/bite/bight-sized chunks:

1. I have to lead with some discussion of Bassala and the notion of technology always coming from somewhere.
2. And then I'll move on to some discussion of actual forces.
3. Technological developments:
--Rise of engineering/technical specialist.
4. Cultural developments:
5. Institutional developments:
6. Literary developments:
--Humanist treatises on technology.
--Emblem books.

Now... where to start?