Friday, October 10, 2008

Some more books of interest

I'm just piling up some references. I'm interested in the types of engineering works that existed in the nineteenth century. Some links:

A catalogue:,M1
A review of a book:,M1 And the book:
And the catalogue of the state library of Delaware:,M1
And a small college catalogue:,M1
And this mysterious thing -- "subjects for premiums" of the Institution of Civil Engineers:,M1
Or this description of Civil Engineering from an early curriculum:,M1
Or this gem about "English for Engineering" from 1930:,M1
And one of John Millington's odd little books:,M1
Millington was probably involved in some weird legal thing:,M1
And he seems to have designed a bridge and then gone to South America:;;

Engineering Facts and Figures

What an odd little book. It seems to have been quite popular in the early days of engineering and perhaps provides a guide for the type of literature that was used in the early days. There are copies available via Google Books.

Another strange thing is "The annual retrospect of engineering and architecture" (1862) by George R. Burnell (Ed.) and published by Lockwood and Co. It is another jumble of engineering facts and practices with a variety of sections. The book reviews are particularly damning.

Some other links of interest:;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=ACK2570.0001.001;didno=ACK2570.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AGL5322.0001.001;didno=AGL5322.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AGL5347.0001.001;didno=AGL5347.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AGL5354.0001.001;didno=AGL5354.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AGL5898.0001.001;didno=AGL5898.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AGW7962.0001.001;didno=AGW7962.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AGW8008.0001.001;didno=AGW8008.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AJQ4793.0001.001;didno=AJQ4793.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AJQ5015.0001.001;didno=AJQ5015.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AJQ6880.0001.001;didno=AJQ6880.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AJQ7072.0001.001;didno=AJQ7072.0001.001;cc=moa;q1=engineer%2A;rgn=title;view=image;seq=00000001;idno=AJQ7546.0001.001;didno=AJQ7546.0001.001

Bad News

There is so much bad news that it is really hard to know where to look. I find myself drawn to the markets. I just need to watch this ongoing car crash that we call the market. It somehow feel like it's September 2001 all over again but without the loss of life. Unfortunately, the distractions aren't any better. The US election? There's no silver lining there. The Canadian election? It just makes me sad for my children. The environment? Don't get me started...

What to do? Nothing I guess. It's time to throw in the towel and realize that I'm not in control of anything. There's nothing that I can do to change the outcome of what's going on right now. None of us can do anthing. It's time to suspend the markets and suspend our disbelief.