Friday, December 30, 2005

Some Reading...

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And a few conference papers that look particularly enticing, especially as I grapple with some of the Schumpterian assumptions in the models:
Contents of Watt's Library

James Watt was a bit of a bibliophile. His library was contained in the garret workshop at his home in Heathfield, Birmingham. Through a long series of events --detailed by the the Science Museum's page on The Watt Collection-- became public property. The contents of the library are now stored at the Science Museum and are collected together under the very handy subject heading: "Watt Collection."

I wanted to pull together the contents in one place for quick access. The task ended up being more formidable than anticipated due to some inconsistancy in the formatting of MARC records. Unfortunately, my MILS is too far behind me to be of any real value. Cataloguing was never my strong suit anyway.

The Watt Collection

Aiton, William, 1760-1848. A treatise on the origin, qualities, and cultivation of moss-earth : with directions for converting it into manure / by William Aiton... Air : Printed by Wilson & Paul, and sold for the author by them [and 3 others], 1811.
Alophylus. A remarkable familiar letter from the devil to Dr. P-------y : taken from a budget, that was dropt in the Valley of Hinnom / and committed to the press by Alophylus. Shrewsbury : Sold by S. Harwood..., 1791.
Armstrong, Alexander. Earnestly recommended to the serious attention of my fellow labourers and fellow townsmen ... Very familiar letters addressed to Mr. John Nott, button-burnisher, Steelhouse-lane, Birmingham / by Alexander Armstrong, journeyman whip-maker, Birmingham. Birmingham : Printed and sold by all the booksellers, [1790].
Badeslade, Thomas. The history of the ancient and present state of the navigation of the port of King's-Lyn, and of Cambridge : and the rest of the trading towns in those parts... / with the method proposed for draining the said Fens, and amending the harbour of Lyn: by Col. John Armstrong... London : Printed for L. Davis and C. Reymers...and B. White, 1766.
Bancroft, Edward, 1744-1821. Experimental researches concerning the philosophy of permanent colours : and the best means of producing them, by dying, callico printing, &c. / by Edward Bancroft... Vol.I London : Printed for T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies, (successors to Mr. Cadell)..., 1794.
Banks, John, fl.1795. Syllabus of a course of twelve lectures in experimental philosophy and astronomy / by John Banks. Manchester : Printed by C. Wheeler, 1790.
Barthelemy, Jean Jacques, 1716-1795. Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grece : dans le milieu du quatrieme siecle avant l'ere vulgaire. Aux Deux-Ponts : Chez Sanson et compagnie, 1791.
Bataafsch Genootschap der Proefondervindelijke Wijsbegeerte te Rotterdam. Plan en grondwetten van het Bataafsch Genootschap der Proefondervindelijke Wijsbegeerte te Rotterdam. [Rotterdam] : By Dirk en Ary Vis..., 1788.
Baynton, Thomas. Descriptive account of a new method of treating old ulcers of the legs / by Thomas Baynton ... Bristol : Printed by N. Biggs, and sold by Messrs. Robinsons ... London, 1797.
Becher, Johann Joachim, 1635-1682. Johann Joachim Bechers ... Chymischer Glucks-Hafen, oder: Grosse chymische Concordantz : und Collection, von funffzehn hundert chymischen Processen ... / nebst einer neuen Vorrede, und Bedencken von der Gold-Macherey, Herrn Georg Ernst Stahls ... Edition: Neue und viel verbesserte Ausgabe. Leipzig : Verlegts Johann Paul Kraus, Buchhandler in Wien, 1755.
Beddoes, Thomas, 1760-1808. A guide for self preservation, and parental affection / by Thomas Beddoes ... Edition: Third edition, corrected. Bristol : Printed by Bulgin and Rosser, for J. Johnson ... and H. Murray ... London, [1793?].
Beddoes, Thomas, 1760-1808. A letter to Erasmus Darwin, M.D. on a new method of treating pulmonary consumption : and some other diseases hitherto found incurable / by Thomas Beddoes ... Bristol : Printed by Bulgin and Rosser ... sold by J. Murray ... [and 6 others], [1793].
Bennet, A. (Abraham), 1750-1799. New experiments on electricity : wherein the causes of thunder and lightning as well as the constant state of positive or negative electricity in the air or clouds are explained ... / by the Rev. A. Bennet... Derby : Printed by John Drewry, 1789.
Bergman, Torbern, 1735-1784. A dissertation on elective attractions / by Torbern Bergmann ; translated from the Latin by the translator of Spallanzani's Dissertations. London : Printed for J. Murray... and Charles Elliot, Edinburgh, 1785.
Bergman, Torbern, 1735-1784. Opuscules chymiques et physiques / de M.T. Bergman... recueillis, revus et augmentes par lui-meme; traduits par M. de Morveau. A Dijon : Chez L.N. Frantin ..., 1780.
Bergman, Torbern, 1735-1784. & Grignon, Pierre Clement, 1723-1784. Analyse du fer / par M. Torb. Bergman, chevalier de l'Ordre Royal de Vasa ; traduite en francois avec des notes & un appendice, & suivie de quatre memoires sur la metallurgie; par M. Grignon, chevalier de l'Ordre du Roi... A Paris : Chez Mequignon..., 1783.
Billingsley, John. General view of the agriculture of the County of Somerset : with observations on the means of its improvement. Drawn up in the year 1795, for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and internal improvement / by John Billingsley, esq... Edition: Second edition. Bath : Printed by R. Cruttwell, for the author; and sold by C. Dilly ... London, 1798.
Black, Joseph, 1728-1799. Lectures on the elements of chemistry : delivered in the University of Edinburgh / by the late Joseph Black ... ; now published from his manuscripts, by John Robison. Edinburgh : Printed by Mundell and Son, for Longman and Rees, London, and William Creech Edinburgh, 1803.
Blewert, William. Tables, formed on a new and easy principle for calculating the value of stocks, and annuities : and for a ready dispatch of business in the public funds ... / by William Blewert, of the Bank of England. London : Printed for the author , and sold by James Buckland ..., 1783.
Bloomfield, Robert, 1766-1823. The farmer's boy : a rural poem / by Robert Bloomfield. Edition: The third edition. London : Printed for Vernor and Hood ... and sold by T.C. Rickman ... [and 6 others], 1800.
Born, Ignaz von, Baron, 1742-1791. Ueber das Anquicken der gold- und silberhaltigen Erze, Rohsteine, Schwarzkupfer Huttenspeise / von Ignaz Edlen von Born ... Wien : Bey Christian Friedrich Wappler, 1786.
Bossut, Charles, 1730-1814. Traite elementaire d'hydrodynamique : ouvrage dans lequel la theorie et l'experience s'eclairent ou se suppleent mutuellement ... / par M. l'Abbe Bossut ... A Paris : Chez Claude-Antoine Jombert, fils aine ..., 1775.
Brookes, R. (Richard). The general practice of physic : extracted chiefly from the writings of the most celebrated practical physicians ... / by R. Brookes ... London : Printed for J. Newbery ..., 1751.
Brown, William. Look before ye loup; or, A healin' sa' for the crackit crowns of country politicians / by Tam Thrum, an auld weaver. Edinburgh : [s.n.], 1793.
Cavallo, Tiberius, 1749-1809. An essay on the medicinal properties of factitious airs : with an appendix on the nature of blood / by Tiberius Cavallo ... London : Printed for the author, and sold by C. Dilly ... P. Elmsly, and D. Bremner ..., 1798.
Chaptal, Jean-Antoine-Claude, comte de Chanteloup, 1756-1832 Elemens de chimie / par M.J.A. Chaptal, Chevalier de l'Ordre du Roi ... A Montpellier : De l'Imprimerie de Jean-Francois Picot ..., 1790.
Cronstedt, Axel Fredrik, 1722-1765. An essay towards a system of mineralogy / by Axel Frederic Cronstedt ... ; translated from the original Swedish, with annotations, and an additional treatise on the blow-pipe by Gustav von Engestrom ... Edition: The second edition / greatly enlarged and improved, by the addition of modern discoveries; and by a new arrangement of the articles by John Hyacinth de Magellan ... London : Printed for Charles Dilly ..., 1788.
Day, Thomas, 1748-1789. The history of Sandford and Merton : a work intended for the use of children. London : Printed for J. Stockdale ..., 1783-1789.
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 The true-born Englishman : a satyr : with an explanatory preface. London : Printed and sold by Joseph Barber ... Newcastle ..., 1754.
Dewhurst, John. Observations on the present situation of American landed property / by John Dewhurst, no.17, Norfolk Street, Strand, London. [London : J. Dewhurst], 1794.
Dietrich, Philippe Frederic, Baron de, 1748-1793. Description des gites de minerai, des forges et des salines des Pyrenees : suivi d'observations sur le fer maze et sur les mines des Sards en Poitou / par M. le baron de Dietrich... A Paris : Chez Didot...Cuchet... ; et a Strasbourg ; Chez Treuttel..., 1786-1789.
Dossie, Robert, d.1777. The elaboratory laid open, or, The secrets of modern chemistry and pharmacy revealed... London : Printed for J. Nourse..., 1758.
Dover, Thomas, 1660-1742. The ancient physician's legacy to his country : being what he has collected himself, in fifty-eight years practice: or, an account of the several diseases incident to mankind ... 6 ed./ by Thomas Dover... London : Printed by H. Kent, for C. Hitch ... J. Brotherton ... and R. Minors ..., 1742.
Du Buat, Pierre, comte, 1734-1809. Principes d'hydraulique : ouvrage dans lequel on traite du mouvement de l'eau dans les rivieres, les canaux, & les tuyaux de conduite ... / par M. le Chevalier Du Buat, ancien chevalier de l'Ordre de Saint Jean de Jerusalem... A Paris : De l'Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1779.
Ducrest, Charles Louis, marquis, 1747-1824. Essais sur les machines hydrauliques : contenant des recherches sur la maniere de les calculer & de perfectionner en general leur construction ... / par M. le marquis Ducrest ... A Paris : Chez Esprit ..., 1777.
Edgeworth, Maria, 1767-1849. Harrington, a tale; and Ormond, a tale / by Maria Edgeworth ... London : Printed for R. Hunter, successor to Mr. Johnson ... and Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1817.
Emerson, W. (William), 1701-1782. The elements of optics : in four books ... London : Printed for J. Nourse ..., 1768.
Ewart, John. The history of two cases of ulcerated cancer of the mamma : one of which has been cured, the other much relieved, by a new method of applying carbonic acid air ... / by John Ewart ... Bath : Printed by R. Cruttwell; and sold by C. Dilly ... London, 1794.
Fabre, Jean Antoine, 1748-1834. Essai sur la maniere la plus avantageuse de construire les machines hydrauliques et en particulier les moulins a bled : ouvrage entierement fonde sur la theorie modifiee par l'experience... / par M. Fabre... A Paris : Chez Alex. Jombert jeune..., 1783.
Fordyce, David, 1711-1751. Dialogues concerning education. London : [s.n.], 1745.
Fothergill, A. (Anthony), 1732?-1813. A new experimental inquiry into the nature and qualities of the Cheltenham water : to which are now added, observations on sundry other waters ... / by A Fothergill ... Edition: Second edition, with several additions. Bath : Printed by R. Cruttwell; and sold by W. Taylor ... R. Baldwin and J. Johnson, London; T. Harward, Cheltenham and Glocester ..., 1788.
Friend to improvements. Medical extracts : on the nature of health, with practical observations: and the laws of the nervous and fibrous systems / by a friend to improvements. Edition: A new edition. London : Printed for J. Johnson ... and Robinsons ... and sold by them, and Dilly ... [and 4 others], 1796.
Frisi, Paolo, 1728-1784. Traite des rivieres et des torrens : augmente du traite des canaux navigables / par le R.P. Frisi... A Paris : De l'Imprimerie royale, 1774.
Fry and Steele(firm). A specimen of modern cut printing-types / by Fry and Steele, letter-founders to the Prince of Wales, Type-street. [London : Fry and Steele, 1808?].
Genlis, Comtesse de, 1746-1830. Theatre of education / translated from the French of the Countess de Genlis. Edition: Second edition. London : Printed for T. Cadell and P. Elmsly... and T. Durham ..., 1781.
Gentil, Andre A. P. (Andre Antoine Pierre), 1725-1800. Dissertation sur le caffe : et sur les moyens propres a prevenir les effets qui resultent de sa preparation communement vicieuse/ par M. Gentil... A Paris : Chez l'auteur... Pyre ..., 1787.
Georgi, Johann Gottlieb, 1738-1802. Die Kunst das unverbrennbare schwedische Steinpapier zum Dachdecken nachzumachen / durch die Versuche des russischkais. Herrn Hofraths von Georgi, fur Bohmen geprufet von J.F. von Schonfeld. Prag ; Wien : In der von Schonfeldschen Handlung, 1792.
Goeze, Johann August Ephraim, 1731-1793. Beschreibung einer bequemen Studir- und Sparlampe / von J.A.E. Goeze. Leipzig : In der Graffschen Buchhandlung, 1791.
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Hancock, Thomas Gregory. & Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804. An address to Unitarians : and in particular to Doctor Priestley. With observations, chemical and theological: proving the word incarnate to be very - God. Being a restitution for the loss sustained by the riot / by Thomas Gregory Hancock. [Birmingham] : Printed for the author and sold by all the booksellers in Birmingham, 1791.
Hardy, William. The miner's guide : or, Compleat miner ... / by William Hardy. Sheffield : Printed by Francis Lister, 1748.
Hatfield, S. She lives in hope; or, Caroline : a narration founded upon facts / by Miss Hatfield. London : Published for the authoress, and sold by Parsons and Son ... [and 4 others], 1801.
Hayes, Thomas. A serious address on the dangerous consequences of neglecting common coughs and colds : with successful directions how to prevent and cure consumptions. To which are now added, observations on the hooping cough and asthma / by Thomas Hayes ... Edition: The third edition. London : Printed for J. Murray ... and Messrs. Shepperson and Reynolds ..., 1786.
Hoole, Barbara. Poems / by Barbara Hoole. Sheffield : Printed by J. Montgomery ... and sold by Vernor and Hood ... London, [1805].
Kirwan, Richard, 1733-1812. Elements of mineralogy / by Richard Kirwan, esq; ... London : Printed for P. Elmsly, 1784.
Kirwan, Richard, 1733-1812. Of the strength of acids, and the proportion of ingredients in neutral salts / by Richard Kirwan. Dublin : George Bonham, printer, 1791.
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794. Essays physical and chemical / by M. Lavoisier... ; translated from the French, with notes, and an appendix, by Thomas Henry ... London : Printed for Joseph Johnson ..., 1776.
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794. Traite elementaire de chimie : presente dans un ordre nouveau et d'apres les decouvertes modernes / par M. Lavoisier ... A Paris : Chez Cuchet ..., 1789.
Le Fevre, Tannegui, 1615-1672. A compendious way of teaching antient and modern languages / formerly practised by the learned Tanaquil Faber, and now, with little alteration, successufully executed in London; with observations on the same subject, by several eminent men, viz. Roger Ascham, Richard Carew, Mr. Milton, Mr. Locke, & c. ... Edition: The fourth edition, very much enlarged / by J.T. Philipps ... London : Printed for W. Meadows ..., 1750.
Leclerc, Sebastien, 1637-1714. Nattes's practical geometry, or Introduction to perspective / translated from the French of Le Clerc; with additions and alterations...; with forty W.H. Pyne.... London : Published by W. Miller... and may be had of Mr. Nattes..., 1805.
Lewis, William, 1714-1781. The new dispensatory : containing, I. The elements of pharmacy. II. The materia medica ... Edition: The third edition corrected, with large additions. London : Printed for J. Nourse..., 1770.
Linne, Carl von, 1707-1778. Herrn Carls von Linne Ritters des Konigl. Ordens vom Nordsterne... Reisen durch Westgothland : welche auf Befehl der hochloblichen Stande des Konigreichs Schweden im Jahr 1746 angestellt worden. Halle : Druck und Verlag Johann Jacob Curts, 1765.
Loudon, J. C. (John Claudius), 1783-1843. Observations on the formation and management of useful and ornamental plantations : on the theory and practice of landscape gardening; and on gaining and embanking land from rivers or the sea / by J. Loudon... Edinburgh : Printed for Archibald Constable & Co... and Longman Hurst Rees & Orme, London, 1804.
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Nott, John. Earnestly recommended to the serious attention o [sic] my fellow labourers and fellow townsmen... Very familiar letters, addressed to Dr. Priestley, in answer to his familiar letters, to the inhabitants of Birmingham / by John Nott, button burnisher, Steelhouse-lane, Birmingham. Edition: Third edition. Birmingham : Printed and sold by the booksellers, [1790].
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Schluter, Christoph Andreas. De la fonte des mines, des fonderies, &c. / traduit de l'allemand de Christoph-Andre Schlutter...; le tout augmente de plusieurs procedes & observations & publie par M. Hellot... A Paris : Chez la veuve Pissot...Jean-Thomas Herissant...Pissot, fils..., 1750-1753.
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. The works of Shakespear : in eight volumes / collated and corrected by the former editions, by Mr. Pope. Edition: Printed from his second edition. Glasgow : Printed by Robert and Andrew Foulis, 1766.
Smee, John. A complete collection of abstracts of acts of Parliament : and cases with opinions of the judges upon the following taxes: viz. upon houses, windows, servants, horses ... / by John Smee, of the exchequer, Westminster, gent. London : Printed for J. Butterworth ..., 1797.
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Scrapeana : fugitive miscellany; or, A medley of choice bon mots, repartees, &c. to which is added, a large collection of Yorkshire anecdotes. Edition: Second edition. York : Printed by W. Blanchard, for R. Baldwin ... London; and J. Todd, York, 1792.

Tentamina experimentorum naturalium captorum in Academia del cimento... / et ab ejus academiae secretario conscriptorum: ex Italico in Latinum sermonem conversa; quibus commentarios, nova experimenta, et orationem de methodo instituendi experimenta physica addidit Petrus van Musschenbroek... Lugduni Batavorum : Apud Joan. et Herm. Verbeek..., 1731.

The Analytical review, or History of literature : domestic and foreign, on an enlarged plan... London : Printed for J. Johnson..., 1788-1794.

The Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Bilston, and Willenhall directory; or, Merchant and tradesman's useful companion : containing an historical account of Birmingham ... Birmingham : Printed and sold by Pearson and Rollason : sold also by R. Baldwin ... London, 1780.

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This day is published a poem, on the celebration of the French Revolution in Birmingham. Birmingham : Printed and sold by Edward Jones, [1791].

Traite de l'exploitation des mines : ou l'on decrit les situations des mines, l'art d'entailler la roche... / le tout traduit de l'allemand par M. Monnet. A Paris, Rue Dauphine : Chez Claude-Antoine Jombert, fils aine..., 1773.