Friday, November 19, 2004

Baysian Foilers

I decided to actually look at some of the text hidden in a spam message that managed to creep through my filters. It's pretty ugly... and random... and rare; all those things that Baysian filters just hate:

"doug impalahello1 qwerty12 quest scorpion naomicccccc buffy dragonfl irene cutie public happyday director pirate castle redwingscuba1 mantra utopiacharlie1 ruth camping boots front242scooter1 gary saskiazeppelin alpha1lady gofish mazda1 wolfMan wolverin church "

I have to wonder how these things are generated. "Saskiazeppelin" is particularly inspired. Perhaps it's an paean to the success of a future Saskatchewan Rough Riders (who did not make the Grey Cup this year) captained by "Utopiacharlie1" with "Doug", "Gary", and "Ruth" in the backfield. Or not.