Saturday, June 20, 2015

Training 2015/06/20 -- Diving(YP) -- #001

The Young Prince has been working on his diving for years. We were talking about strategies for improvement and I suggested note taking. Today he had the opportunity for some near 1:1 instruction from the head coach. He made great progress. Now, we have to figure out how to make it stick!

They worked on a variety of different dives:

  • Inward dives
  • Double jump somersaults
  • Back dive tucks
Inward dives

The coach gave him some good tips:
  1. Come to the end of the board. Stand up straight. High on toes. Regular diving stance.
  2. Jump high. Get the feel of pushing the board down. Point your toes down to generate more power. Straighten your bum.
  3. Grab tuck fast.
  4. Squeeze tuck. Squeeze harder than you think.
  5. Kick hard. Keep your toes pointed.
Double jump somersaults
  1. Come up to the end of the board.
  2. Jump high with pointed toes.
  3. Come back down on the board; jump higher. Both times, really push the board.
  4. Throw your arms forward. 
  5. Grab the tuck. Squeeze really tight.
  6. Kick out.
Back dive tucks
  1. Jump up and don't lean back. Jump straight up.
  2. Get into tuck. Bring your knees all the way up to your nose.
  3. Lean backwards
  4. Kick hard
  5. Bring your arms up above your head
The coach primarily told Finn to not close his eyes and to squeeze hard.


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