Friday, June 05, 2015

ISO/FDIS 30300 Information and documentation -- management systems for records -- fundamentals and vocabulary

Another day, another standard. I'm on a train and feel an obligation to get something done. Hence, standards review.

I feel obligated to point out that I'm not actually reviewing the standard in this particular case. It's a Final Draft but, given the grief that I'm giving our ILL specialist, I really can't complain! Let's see what this thing is all about.

So this is really about Management systems for records (MSR) as related to ISO 9000, 14000, etc.

We need to meet objectives via:
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Systematic processes
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Review and improvement

  • We get some justification of why you need records
  • Good records are: reliable, authentic, have integrity, are usable. Isn't this in ISO 15489 and GARP?
    • Reliable
    • Secure
    • Compliant
    • Comprehensive
    • Systematic
  • Process approach:

  • We get some definition of different roles in the overall project
  • And there are lots of good definitions:
    • Asset. Anything that has value to the organization (ISO/IEC 27000)
    • Document, noun. Recorded information or object which can be treated as a unit (ISO 15489)
    • Documentation. Collection of documents describing operations, instructions, decisions, procedures and business rules related to a given function, process, or transaction (ISO/TR 26122)
    • Evidence. Documentation of a transaction
    • Record. Information created, received, and maintained as evidence and as an asset by an organization or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business
  • The appendix gives us some interesting definitions, graphs, etc.


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