Friday, June 12, 2015

Training 2015/06/05 #022 -- body centre

Today was about the body centre. We recently had the remarkable Jacques Payet visiting the dojo so I think we have cycled back to more aikido, more focus on core stability, etc.

Today's lessons were really about bringing stability to your core and addressing stability in everything you do: how do you stand? how do you walk? how do you turn? how do you roll? When standing, stay over your hips. Keep your shoulders down. Bring basic yoga positions into your everyday life.

You can't stay over your hips when you roll but you can be aware of centre. Imagine a laser shooting straight out of our navel. Are you face on with your partner defensively? Are you giving up centre to create an angle? All of these concepts are important.

Ultimately, these are things that need to be practiced.

And, I got a black eye flow rolling. Apparently, a butterfly sweep + an acrobatic back step pass = a head bonk.

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