Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Another marketing BOK

Another marketing BOK. This one is currently under development by the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). The BOK isn't completed but there is a breakdown of domain knowledge (http://www.smps.org/uploadedFiles/SMPS/Site_Framework/Sidebars/CPSM/SMPS_DomainsofPractice_Insert_11X17.pdf):

Marketing research
 Monitor social, demographic, cultural,
and economic trends
 Monitor industry-related market information
 Read publications relevant to a target market
 Forecast trends
 Set up methodologies for collecting and
evaluating information
 Maintain a network of contacts to keep
abreast of relevant markets and trends
 Design/Evaluate research studies
 Analyze/Document research results
 Participate in market research activities
 Monitor federal, state, and local
regulatory matters
 Read marketing reference materials
 Gather data using interviews, surveys
and focus groups

Marketing planning
 Analyze data of relevant industries and competitors
 Analyze relevant historical and contemporary data
 Analyze market data
 Interpret market research results
 Conduct a SWOT analysis
 Collect industry marketing cost data
 Participate in strategic planning
 Develop a vision statement, goals and objectives
 Facilitate the planning process
 Select target markets
 Create a marketing plan/budget
 Set marketing goals
 Manage implementation of a marketing plan/budget
 Estimate the impact of marketing on the bottom
line and the return on investment
 Conduct a cost/benefit analysis
 Provide a progress report on the marketing plan
 Revise the marketing plan

Client and business development
 Create business development strategies
 Research prospective client industries
 Pre-qualify a client/project
 Build a relationship with prospective clients
 Maintain contact databases
 Maintain a relationship with past clients
 Measure client satisfaction
 Address issues from a client satisfaction survey
 Participate in client business
development activities
 Develop client-specific business
development plans
 Develop project-pursuit or capture plans
 Conduct client perception studies

 Conduct and participate in an RFQ/RFP
strategy session
 Determine the firm’s capability to perform
the requested project
 Make a go/no-go decision
 Complete government forms
 Identify firms for teaming/partnering
 Determine the value of the project to the firm
 Determine the fee structure
 Determine the history and culture of the
project/building site
 Draft a proposal
 Oversee production of a proposal
 Draft a letter of intent
 Develop a presentation of a proposal
 Prepare proposal presentation materials
 Identify presentation personnel, meeting space
and equipment needs
 Use desktop publishing software
 Identify client hot buttons
 Identify affirmative action and M/WBE opportunities
 Arrange for audio/visual aids
 Conduct a presentation rehearsal
 Present a presentation
 Perform contract negotiations
 Draft/Sign a contract
 Develop a system/schedule for tracking
proposal elements
 Conduct a post-award debriefing regardless
of outcome
 Develop a proposal QA/QC process
 Develop a proposal close-out process

Promotional Activity
 Develop corporate identity
 Develop a unique value proposition
 Plan trade show activities
 Maintain a press list
 Develop a communications/social media plan
 Maintain a web presence
 Manage expenditures consistent with the budget
 Develop an advertising plan
 Place advertisements
 Develop corporate entertainment strategies
 Represent the firm at external events
 Draft press releases
 Draft newsletter or journal articles
 Create electronic/video promotional materials
 Coordinate photography
 Interview vendors and consultants
 Select vendors and consultants
 Manage and direct activities of consultants
 Prepare award competition entries
 Coordinate firm special events
 Train staff to interact with media

 Supervise marketing and support staff
 Communicate across departments and/or
branch offices
 Develop information management systems
 Develop an internal communications program
 Conduct marketing training sessions
 Conduct marketing and BD training for
technical staff
 Attend professional development activities
 Develop marketing incentive systems
 Recruit personnel
 Evaluate the production process to
improve efficiency
 Comply with business and accounting principles
 Select a customer relationship management
(CRM) system
 Maintain a customer relationship management
(CRM) system
 Promote a firmwide business development culture


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