Monday, April 06, 2015

Virtual Training 2015/04/02 #013.2

Take downs from the knees

It seems like ages since I've been on the mats. Easter holidays will do that. I did, however, make a point of studying some tutorials and taking some notes.

Pull back

1. The first take down starts from a typical tie up... actually they all do. You have their head and an elbow, typically with your left hand on their head. Now, put your right foot to the outside of their left knee and swing your left leg under. Pull them into your guard.

2. The second take down starts exactly the same way. You have a tie up. Now, put your right foot between your opponents legs. Swing your left foot under and lie down on your left side. Lift with your right foot like a butterfly sweep. Take mount.

3. The third version is exactly like the second version but it's intended for a smaller guy. Basically. move dynamically and pull hard. You're really hopping into the move. That's probably good advice for all of these!

4. This take down is much like the others but it has a twist. Push in the elbow of the arm on the side with the raised knee so their elbow is over your knee and into your navel. Grab their lat and sit back, again like a butterfly sweep but to the other other side. You'll both end up on your backs so move fast and take side control.

5. Finally, try putting your right foot across their body to the outside. I've used this setup to get a basic judo throw from the knees (but injured one of my training partners in the process). This version is a bit different and potentially safer. Just roll onto your side with the raised knee. Your shin should basically come up across their abdomen. Go for the armbar.

There are other take downs but is the basic Roy Harris series. The other series involve two-on-ones and push forwards.

On a different topic, I've taken renewed interest into that fancy side mount escape and potential follow ups. I'll just call it the Lindy Hop sweep because you're basically swinging your opponent around your back. So, you're in bottom side control. Your opponent has a good cross face and is fighting for that collar. You're up on your hip facing away from them and they have near side control. The first thing is to protect your neck so keep your bottom hand against your face and take away any space they may have. Now, reach up around their head with your other arm in a "show me your biceps!" motion. Move your bottom leg perpendicular to their body to make space, bridge, and then pass your bottom arm under your body so that you're essentially rolling over onto your tummy. Since you've hooked your opponent's head, they are coming along for the ride. They will basically come over your shoulders and you will end up in some sort of weird scarf hold, crossfacing with the wrong arm. If you're quick, you can get a paper cutter choke or an ezekiel. Personally, I'm always just a bit surprised that I got the sweep and generally forget the finish!

The other thing that I want to learn is the ghost escape from side control but I don't quite have the mechanics down.

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