Monday, March 30, 2015

Training 2015/03/27 #013


Some more review. We basically rolled a bit and reviewed the curriculum. I discovered a few things:

1. Taking notes really does help recall.
2. Notes are good but practice is key. Perhaps I should put together a script for visualization so that I don't screw up sides (e.g., scissor sweep).
3. We clarified the baby wipe pass to d'arce. Basically, squeegee their arm up to their head and then get the hold under their arm for the choke.
4. Keep your escapes clear... particularly for the test. For example, I ended up going for the reverse elbow to guillotine off the head lock. Bad idea.
5. Some of my tactics didn't work on Frank mostly because he is actually really strong. More fluidity required?
6. There is definitely an opportunity to work on more takedowns via virtual training. Hopefully, I won't crunch another person's ankle!

Unfortunately we have a bit of a delay before the next class. Last week was March break; next is Good Friday.

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