Friday, March 27, 2015

Knowledge worker (and RIM) metrics

Some metrics of value courtesy of KPIlibrary:

  • average frequency of updates of documents
  • document storage costs
  • % of documents in non-enterprise respositories
  • % of documents accessible to search engine
  • % searches resulting in a document being opened
  • Master Data Duplication Ratio
  • Average time to update employee records
  • Time to respond to legal discovery of records
  • % of documents not accessed regulary
  • % of duplications/document variations
  • Ratio of paper to electronic documents
  • Document change turn around time
  • Number of total documents changed as % of total documents
  • % of documents digitally archived
  • Number of documents that have not been removed after end-of-life

Not a bad start. The Public Record office of Victoria also gives us some guidelines (

Actually, this document gives us a whole methodology and sample metrics, all based on ISO 15489 and ISO 31000. Nice.

And what is "ASL Applications Cycle Management"? It is, perhaps, something we should know.


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