Monday, March 23, 2015

Study: Adobe's "Paper Jam"


  • Adobe released "Paper Jam: Why Documents are Dragging Us Down" in March 2015. 
  • The study collected data from 5,038 "Office Professionals" in February of 2015. 
  • The n-counts were about 1000 from each of the USA, UK, Germany, France, and Australia.


  • 83% of respondents feel their work success and productivity is hindered by outdated ways of working with documents.
  • 61% of workers (69% USA) would change jobs if the benefit was a drammatic reduction in paper work.
  • 28% (34% USA) feel that inefficient processes hold back career advancement
  • 55% (61% USA) feel that inefficient processes distract them from more important tasks
  • 43% feel that email attachments make life more complicated
  • Inability to find known documents (82%) and version control (78%) are the most frustrating document problems
  • 43% (49% USA) of professionals have lost important electronic information
  • 52% of professoinals "admit to being emotionally attached to paper documents"
  • 81% believe that information overload in a reality. Of those, 68% blame a "constant stream of new emails" as the biggest cause; 44% blame "social media newsfeed"; 36% blame "instant messaging"; 34% blame "incoming phone calls"; 26% blame "unsorted paper piles"; and 24% blame "interactions with people".


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