Friday, February 27, 2015

Training 2015/02/27 #010

It seems that I've missed  few weeks. I think we may have just been reviewing material for an upcoming test.

Today was also review.

The first thing we did was basically shihonage:
  • keep one hand out roughly at chest height
  • your partner grabs it
  • confirm the grip with your other hand, drop your hips, bring their hands to your forehead and swivel around (video helps)
  • your opponent should end up with one elbow bent up in the air with their hand behind their head
You now have a few options. In Aikido, you would throw them to the ground for the pin. With this technique, we moved around to their back and basically secured a rear naked choke with the other hand. This position is great as a come-along or you can drop them to the ground.

We also went back to practicing the technique with tantos. It was very entertaining.

Other review included basic mount escapes: you're mounted and getting choked; trap their arms with a gable grip and pinch your elbows together to break their posture. Trap an ankle and extend your hips to move to their guard. Remember to secure good posture.

We also worked the basic baby wipe pass. A tip was to break open their closed guard the same way you would with any other technique (e.g., knee in the tailbone). Don't just lever with your elbows because you will get trapped. When there's space, get their legs up on your shoulders and secure them. Keep everything tight. Stack your opponent and pass.

One addition that we worked on was adding a d'arce. Normally with the baby wipe you can secure a cross collar grip but we were thinking of how to do this stuff no-gi. As opposed to getting the cross collar, use your head-side arm as you move into side control. Get it around the back of their head. Put a lot of weight on their chest. Ultimately you want to put a lot of weight on their upper chest but first you want to get their arm up. Smear your body as you move to kind of bulldoze the arm. When in position, secure the grip, lean back, and squeeze.

UPDATE -- we have since worked on getting the D'arce from the pass. Don't secure the cross collar grip; simply slip your arm around their head and try to get the choke. There are, however, a few challenges with getting the D'arce here that I'm not completely sure about. Sure, I can get a crank tap but not really a choke. Should I pick up the arm? Or through the bulldozing I can perhaps get under their other arm.

We also reviewed some basic sweeps. The first was the scissor sweep. For no-gi, I had to really focus on trapping one wrist and keeping it close to midline and getting control of the head with the other hand. I thought that I would have to get my opponent to really posture up but realized that it's really me making more space with my hips. I also realize that I really have to get that knee into their sternum and focus on loading them up and over (i.e., get that knee right into your nose).

UPDATE -- can I get the scissor sweep with an overhook? I really like playing that overhook on my left side.

One variation of the scissor sweep is the push sweep. Basically, you go for the scissor sweep and they posture out so you have to put a foot on one of their knees and push them out.

The other submission we worked on was the head and arm triangle. I have to remember to really get my head low (i.e., right beside theirs) and to squeeze.

Rolling was good. I played a bit with the gift wrap and some of the options there, notably using the gift wrap to set up the arm bar. It worked well.

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