Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Information governance and retention schedules

I'm grinding through some Information Governance material to make sure that my views are still consistent with various trade organizations, etc. I came across an interesting presentation from Winston and Strawn LLP.

They describe the steps in IG:
- Identify a core team
- Identify priorities
- Conduct assessment
- Draft policies/schedules
- Identify tool sets
- Design implementation plans
- Education
- Compliance

These steps are largely consistent with ARMA's GARP maturity model and DACUM model.

Records retention is key.

Classification is also important. Manual methods provide better "accuracy" (92%) but there is a gap for "consistency"(<50 a="" accurate="" also="" are="" automated="" automatic="" but="" completely="" consistent="" cost="" difference.="" doc.="" document="" in="" is="" less="" logic.="" manual="$0.17" methods="" p="" per="" than="" their="" there="" while="">

Lots of users will not participate in manual classification. When they do, they are inaccurate and inconsistent leading to effective accuracy of about 50%.


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