Friday, January 16, 2015

Training 2014/01/02 #003

Defense from wrist grab, same side

Position: standing; defense; face-to-opponent; wrist grab

So you're into the fisticuffs. What do you do if -- like me -- you suck at boxing. One approach is simply to cover your head with your hands and point your elbows directly out. It's a decent defensive position if someone is slugging.

There's a good chance that they are going to try to grab something, likely your same-side wrist. Now, grab their wrist with your opposite hand and rotate away from them with your back foot (i.e., 95-degree pivot). You can also break their balance by stepping out a bit with your front/leading foot.

Stretch them out. The motion is very much like ikajo osae. Your opponent will likely go down to their knees and you will have control of an arm. Move your inside foot forward to bring them down. Try to stay facing the same direction (i.e., don't drape over their back). Come down on your butt keeping control of their arm. They will be face down. Keep control of the arm and lean back over their body to get the submission.

UPDATE -- you need to have your elbow above theirs. You have to lock out that shoulder.

Hints: think of keeping their arm above the plane of their shoulder. Don't let them bend their arm because they might be able to roll you backward. The pressure of the lock is felt in the shoulder. But if you can't get it, go for the wrist.

Rolling: I played with a few things in sparring, mostly trying to get closed guard to work again. I realize that I need a better series of progressions from closed guard:
- They try put a forearm across your throat -- go for the back climb (or the armbar)
- They cross face and use shoulder pressure (maybe setting up the ezekial) -- go for an elevator sweep/thigh sweep
- They sit back to get posture and set up the pass -- go for the arm-lock and/or the flower sweep (or the guillotine)

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