Tuesday, December 09, 2014

U of Washington's Records Management Guidance

Some more academic perspective (http://f2.washington.edu/fm/recmgt/filesmanagement/plan). It is largely consistent with DIRKS but gives us a valuable list of how to analyze existing records:

  • who creates the records
  • who uses the records
  • how are records requested
  • how often are various types of records requested
  • how long do records remain current
  • how many people need access to the records
  • how much equipment is available to store the records
  • how spaces is available for equipment/growth
  • which records are confidential
  • are there legal requirements for retaining records
  • which are vital records

The guidance also gives us an overview of the types of file classifications that one tpically finds:

  • Administrative files -- internal admin and operation
  • Organizational files -- the relationship of an office with other offices
  • Program files -- documentation of activities and programs
  • Case files -- documentation of a specific event, project, person, or transaction


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