Monday, December 08, 2014

Training 2014/12/5 #002

Defense from roundhouse kick

Position: standing; defense; face-to-opponent

A good chunk of training today was really about how to kick properly and some of the differences between karate and other arts. The power of the kick comes from chambering (i.e., bringing your knee high), rotating, and extending. Not suprisingly, the power comes from the hip.

UPDATE -- think of kicking across and down.

I'm not great at kicking!

The defense is straight forward. Recognize that the kick will probably be coming at your left side. Ideally, block it by keeping your elbow tight to your side. As you block, grab the leg. Step towards your opponent with your right foot, grabbing and shoving through their right shoulder. Inside trip their standing leg. They will go down. Try to keep your right arm straight (i.e., don't leak energy through the elbow).

They're down and you still control one leg. Join your hands in a guillotine grip and go for the achilles lock. My training partner suggested that I start relatively high on the calf, maintain pressure until my hand locks into the achilles position. Maintain good posture; extend your hips, etc.

The other option is to step over with your right leg and go for the knee bar... which will require more explanation at some other time.

UPDATE -- really keep the posture on the achilles lock. No pooping dog stance!

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