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Training 2014/11/28 #001

It's not really the first training session, but is the first recording of one...

Escape from standing hammerlock

Position: standing; defense; back-to-opponent

I've always been impressed with SlideyFoot's willingness to document his training and teaching sessions. It's something we should all emulate.

Last week, I learned something new. It's an escape from the basic standing hammerlock (i.e., the basic cop "you're coming with me" move).

The defense is relatively basic. Maintain posture; make some space by sliding out the foot on the non-entagled side; throw the non-entagled elbow at your opponents head. You're basically throwing the elbow behind you. There are a few fine points here. The first is that you're moving your hips in addition to your body (kind of like tai no henko ni in Yoshinkan Aikido). The purpose of this elbow throw isn't so much to make contact but to make some space. Think of it kind of like a reverse Sambo-style casting punch.

The purpose of the elbow is really to get your opponent into a guilotine choke. Again, with the guillotine in place, square your hips; focus on driving the elbow through; get a gable grip. Then you have two options:

1. Takedown. Sprawl and take them to their knees. Ideally, you want to push your partner down on an angle (i.e., through your centre-line). When they're down, you have some options: hold them, move to side control, whatever.

2. Pull guard. Pull guard and keep control of their head. To get the submission, think about hyperextending their neck by extending your hips, etc. Remember to squeeze your knees to keep control.

UPDATE -- we subsequently explored what to do if you end up with the arm-in guillotine. Sneak your arm through, grab the inside of your opposite elbow, talk on the phone, and squeeze. The other option is to grab the cloth at the armpit, and then wind up your body to get the choke.


Of course, you might be on the receiving end of this move. What do you do if you find yourself in a guillotine?  The first step is to tripod up to make some space to breath. Hold their knee with your offside hand and then pass via a backstep or knee slice to move to side control. Your head is still trapped but you're okay. Again, how you have options. You can apply an aggressive crossface and choke them on their own soldier. You might be able push down the wrist of their entangling arm to get the kimura. Or you can free your head while maintaining control of the wrist to set up a standard kimura, etc.

Escape from the escort headlock

Position: standing; defense; back-to-opponent

I'm really not sure what this position is called. Basically, you find yourself in a headlock and getting dragged backward. Your opponent has your neck and you have no posture, balance, or position.

The first step is to ensure some air supply. Grap their entangling arm with both your hands, one on either side of the elbow. Turn away from the choke. Basically, you want to try to get your trachea in line with the crook of their elbow. If you turn the wrong way you basically wind the choke tighter.

The second step is to get some posture. Don't pull against their arm. Instead, drop and rotate. Basically, you're swinging your bum out. At this point, you've probably broken their posture some.

The third step is to block the back of their inside foot with yours and then slide your other foot forward. As their balance shifts backwards, they'll likely fall. Come to think of it, the foot change is a bit like tai no henko ichi. Overall, the throw is a bit like a very mellow osoto gari.

As your partner goes down you still have control of their entangling arm so you can move to an arm press, a kimura, etc.

Escape from punching bully headlock

Position: standing; defense; inline-with-opponent

You might find yourself in a standing headlock where your opponent is punching you with their other hand. Think of it as the druken brawl headlock.

Step 1 is to defend yourself from the most immediate threat: the incoming fist. Reach around their back with your inside hand and grab the elbow of their punching arm. Don't let them punch you in the face!

Step 2 is to improve your posture. Grab their entangling arm to make some space and tuck your tail to create better posture. Look up. Think "rhino horn"!

Step 3 is to then move the entangling arm so that their forearm is vertical and then push up. The force vector should no be applied at right angles to their upper arm. If possible, get your rhino horn into their pit and force them off balance or on to their toes.

Step 4 is to step back a bit and get the cop hammerlock. You might even want to get the crossface chickenwing!

Escape from the standard bully headlock

Position: standing; defense; inline-with-opponent

You know this one if you have a big brother. You're standing, your opponent has a headlock on you, and they have broken your posture.

The defense starts in a similar manner to the punching headlock but the finish is different. Turn slightly to the inside so that you get some air.Reach around their waist with your inside hand and either get a hook or grab some clothing. Put your outside hand on your side of their inside knee. This hand just stops them from coming into your space. Stretch your inside leg behind their outside leg and then drop. Think of dropping your butt immediately on to your outside heel.

Ideally, your opponent will go down backwards, hard and you'll come around into side control. Isolate an arm; get the submission.

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