Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Training 2014/02/6 #007


There's a belt test coming up at the end of the month so we are reviewing some of the old content. I'm glad that we did because I had forgotten a whole bunch.

After some basic movements we did some wrist grab defense. Basic elbow power works for most breaks but you have to remember to drop your hips, move your body, etc. For two-on-one, it's probably best to "shake your own hand" (i.e., reach in with your other hand to facilitate elbow power). There are also a few options with the cross wrist grab with nikajo being perhaps the best option. Again, move your hips. There's also the issue of feet. In gyaku hanmi (i.e., mirror image) it is perhaps best to use a turning movement: confirm the grip, turn, bar the elbow.

Within the basic movements we talked a bit about entering movements and the use of sokumen irimi nage. Basically, it's a cross-step-body-change in front of your opponent followed by a deep step forward (i.e., to the side and behind your opponent) so that your same side shoulder is basically in their sternum. If you start with a left-forward stance, you cross-step so that your right foot is in front of your opponent and your hands are towards their left shoulder, you take a deep step with your left foot, and then turn, pushing your opponent over your outstretched leg.

YouTube helps with this one!

UPDATE -- We've played around with a few extensions to the basic grab breaks. A good cue is to turn your wrist to get things moving. After elbow power, you can also get the muay thai plum and initiate a throw from there.

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