Saturday, March 21, 2015

Training 2015/03/13 #012


Some more review today.

The first thing we did was the block on the right hook. The set up is the same. Protect your head with the triangled Couture block. Really try to get your elbow into the bicep. Use your elbow to guide their arm down. It's not a whizzer, just some steering. Don't let your hand get back above your shoulder where you are particularly weak. Close space and get the underhook on the other side. Tee up with them so that you are basically looking in their ear. Drop your hips and hold tight to compromise their balance. Step in front to get the hip throw.

A key hint is to not spread your feet too far apart. Your feet really should be close together so that you can pop your opponent up during the throw.

UPDATE -- you probably want to let your underhooking arm ride up and turn over during the throw. Also, it might also help to think of the throw as an outer reap i.e., you're not just loading them up but you're taking the outside foot.

UPDATE -- more than an outer reap. You really have to get your hips all the way across, even if you give up the grip on the back.

My natural instinct seems to be to get the whizzer. There is a throw from there but it really comes from the other side. You won't be as tight to your opponent so you have to try the uchimata. They might step out but that just sets up the hip throw. Roy Dean demonstrates the move in his no gi video.

We also worked on what to do off the jab. You really want to run down their arm as if setting up a standing head - arm triangle. Tee up and hit the drop throw and roll up into mount. Don' t give up their arm so you can get the americana. I like Roy Dean's cue of walking your hand under their elbow to set up the americana or the triangle.  On the americana, make sure that you really have your elbow in their neck. NOTE: Roy Harris demonstrates that there might be advantages to a straighter arm but you have to get your weight out over their shoulder.

We also revisited shihonage. The setup is the same but the throw is a little different. I was taught to step through as if lowering a sword.  In this case we want to keep spiraling.  Think of the trapped arm as a wrench and you really want to torque it up in the y and z axis.

The pin was also a bit different.  Really dig your knee into the armpit; it's not knee on belly! Again, torque the arm.

Rolling was good but I should do a few things like breaking down one particular take down in review and committing to using it. I like the tight posture control and should look to getting the arm bar when they give the forearm shiver. I should also work on that knee bar transition from a failed scissor sweep.

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