Monday, March 09, 2015

Training 2015/03/06 #011


Another week of review but I picked up a few tips.

I've covered the kick defense in the past. The one thing I learned this week is the importance of the inside trip because it enables you to protect your privates. Without the inside trip, you're likely to get a kick to the groin. Not nice.

We also covered the hammerlock escape again. Mechanics are the same: half step on the unbound side, cast the elbow back, get the guillotine, take your opponent down. One thing that we added was the possibility of the arm-in guillotine. It seems that I end up in that position quite frequently. After the take down, you should basically be lying on top of your opponent with one arm looping around their head, under their chest, and into their arm pit. An option here is the anaconda choke. From the armpit side, use the hand of the arm with which you've set up the guillotine to grasp the inside of your opposite elbow. You've know establish a basic head and arm triangle. Talk on the phone with your non-guillotine arm to tighten everything up. Flex your back for the choke.

Sometimes you can't get the anaconda. Grab their jacket at the armpit, then roll onto your side and rotate away from the alignment of their body. It's just another way to get the choke.

We also briefly touched on some of the other throws that I failed to actually document. The first is what to do if they throw a haymaker/hook with their right. Block the punch and get the underhook. Keep your hand high on their back. Control the other elbow. Step through and load them up on your back to get the throw. Control the arm on which you have elbow control. Get the straight arm lock on that elbow or transition to something else.

UPDATE -- I think that I documented this wrong. You don't want to enter from the haymaker side. Instead, control that elbow and t-up with them on the opposite side. If you get a whizzer on the haymaker, you might be able to get the uchimata but won't be in position to get the o goshi.

There was also mention of something we did once that involved faking a kick to provoke a jab. This the the jab is coming from the left side. Deflect the punch and step inside clinching tight. Turn so that you're basically looking right in their ear. Extend your back leg so it is basically straight behind their legs and drop on to your opposite heel. Typically, your going to use your right hand to push their left out of the way and your going to clinch up on their right side. Now, extend your right leg and drop onto your left heel. They will go down backwards and you will likely roll up into mount or side control.

UPDATE -- I think that the submission here is an americana. You have two options. The first is to keep your elbow right in their neck for better control. A faster tap would involve extend their arm somewhat and getting your weight out over their upper arm (a la Roy Harris).

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