Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Study: Adobe/IDC "The document disconnect: hidden opportunity, big payoff"

The Study:

  • Title: The document disconnect: hidden opportunity, big payoff
  • March 2015 (IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Adobe)
  • Global, web-based survey of 1518 line of business leaders, split between USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Australia. 
  • 60% of respondents came from large companies (+1000 employees)


  • Management in "sales, HR, procurement, and other departments" estimate that fixing "document disconnect" would provide:
    • 36% increase in revenue
    • 30% cost reduction
    • 23% risk reduction
  • 46% have "impaired ability to plan, forecast and budget due to lack of visibility"
  • 36% of time is spent on administrative tasks
  • 76% say document process issues "impact revenue recognition or create auditor issues"
  • 63% of information workers use a mobile device
  • 45% say customers want to interact using mobile
  • 73% spend time working at a location other than their office
  • 52% have internal systems that don't "talk" to each other
  • 50% say external collaborators use different systems
  • 45% say they get documents missing signatures or approvals
  • 46% are unsure if they have copies of signed agreements
  • 51% have lost or misfiled documents
  • 55% can't tell whether documents have been viewed/reviewed/signed by the appropriate people
  • 24% say document routing, reviewing, and approval takes too long
  • 43% must use several disconnected system, often rekeying or copy/pasting
  • 46% say that better document processes would reduce cycle time
  • 72% agree that better document processes would improve brand and/or customer satisfaction
  • 45% say departmental productivity would improve
  • 24% say compliance and business risk would be reduced
  • 23% say process visibility and agility would increase


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