Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Training 2015/07/03 #026 -- bear hug defense

We ran through a few things today. We did some basic positional rolling which is always good. We also worked some basic technique:

1. The same double lapel grip to chin strap technique that we used last week. I picked up the tip that you really need to blade your body into them to get the initial balance break. For example, I can jam my left shoulder forward to move their elbows and then reach under with my right hand to bring them down the other way.

2. We worked on the standard tripod sweep which is always a good one.

3. And we did bear hug escapes. The bear hug is basically where you are standing there, chest-to-chest with your partner, and they grab you around your arms, pinning them to your sides.

  • Put your palms on their hips
  • Step back with one foot to make space and break your opponents grips. They are now in great shape for knees to the body or a throw. We will go for the throw.
  • Grab their elbow on your head side, and the shoulder blade on the far side
  • Step in and hit the o goshi.
I'm not sure what the pin is from the curriculum. Apparently it is just an arm lock.


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