Sunday, April 12, 2015

Training 2015/04/10 #014


It was another weak of review. We worked through the list from the top down. However, we should probably work through it randomly. Maybe we need a little JavaScript on-page number generator.

There were a few details that we hadn't worked before. One was the transition from side control to mount if your opponent is blocking with their knee. You basically want to lie beside them, chamber your knee until it's almost touching your nose, and then swing over. Of course, this whole operation puts you into a terribly precarious situation. First, you don't want to get pushed off so you need to keep your top leg out at 9 o'clock. You also want to prevent your opponent from rolling into you. We came across a few ways of doing this. The first is to get the chinstrap with your cross-facing arm. The second way is to take a reverse kesa gatame type of position (i.e., your top arm across their head).

UPDATE -- I recently read a few reviews on this position. One of the things to consider is killing that near arm. From reverse kesa gatame you really want to get your hip up on that near arm so that they can't use it. You can also limit the far arm by getting it off the ground. This approach frees up your other arm so you can push their knee down and pin it to the ground. Step over and fish-tail hard and look for a hook with your near side foot. The kimura might be right there...

We also worked on the transition from side control by moving around the head. Again, take the reverse kesa gatame and block their near hip. Move around their head, ideally squeegying their arm across their face/neck, which really sets up the choke.

Rolling was fun. I ended up in an interesting situation. I basically walked into the guillotine and did a decent job of defending but ended up mounted and grape-vined. I went for Roy Harris's toe press from bottom mount technique and almost got it. The challenge was that I couldn't completely free my head from the cross-face so couldn't reach down and grab the foot so that I could apply pressure with my leg. Next time... or maybe I should have gone for the sweep on the other side.

UPDATE -- the power for that toe press comes from the leg. If you can't grab the toe with your hands, you can't get the tap.

One challenge was starting because we didn't really start from our knees. I was on my knees but my partner was just kind of sitting there. My new found take down skills aren't going to work! I should probably refresh my knowledge of the "push forward" take downs.

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