Monday, May 11, 2015

Training 2015/05/08 #018 -- Test... not mine. Belt!

I served as Frank's uke for his test. I think that he did pretty well but, since he had been sick last week, he gassed pretty easily. I hope that he wasn't discouraged by the experience.

It was interesting to explore some of the stuff that we had done earlier but that I had forgotten, including some basics. The tripod sweep, for example, was beyond me! Basically, you get pushed down and your opponent steps into you. Curl up on your side and grab their forward heal with your bottom hand. Put your same side leg into the hip crease of their forward hip. Hook the back of their other knee with your other foot and and pull their legs out from under.

We also rolled a bit and I worked with Greg, showing his some of the details of passing to mount from side control. We also worked a bit on side control escapes.

At the end of the class I got a new belt. It's still a pretty light colour but I still feel pride!

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