Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Training 2015/05/01 #017 -- Test!


Yes, today was the test. I think it went well but I could have done a few things better like the shiho nage. Oh well. Overall, it was great fun.

We also did a few escapes and rolled a bit.

The escape came from what trapped me last week. Someone has the paper cutter across your throat with a good grip so you can't just push out their arm. Let's assume you are being choked by your partner's right forearm. Reach behind their back with your right arm and try to grab their belt. Then, grab their right elbow so they can't post. Open your guard and sweep them to your left. You might be able to get a head-and-arm triangle.

We also did something similar from mount.

I rolled a bit with a visitor from Iceland. He was new to BJJ but had some background in Aikido and Judo. More importantly, he is a police officer so has ample experience grappling. It was an interesting experience mostly because it didn't feel like a BJJ match. For example, he really never moved to guard. Instead he preferred to use some sort of knee shield to keep distance. It really wasn't a bad strategy and it reinforced a few things for me. Attack should always be the same: control -- shoulders, hips, one side. In retrospect, I should probably have close tight and heavy and used some sort of leg weave to isolate one side. My partner also had great timing so that when I was playing with the arm over side control he was able to overturn me!

We also received our syllabus for the next belt. Something new to work on!

There are a few moves that I could look up:

  • aiki otoshi
  • kotegaeshi nage tsuki
  • kotegaeshi nage ushiro
  • koshi nage

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