Thursday, April 23, 2015

Training 2015/04/17 #015


The last review before the test. I think everything looks pretty good.

We reviewed pretty much everything and there were a few stumbling points:

  • Side control pass around the head. I really need to switch hands and block the hip. This is probably good advice everywhere. In side control, keep control of that close hip and stay chest to chest. Switching hands from a traditional cross-face provides a few submission opportunities. As you lose the hip-to-hip contact you need to use your hand to block that near side head and really squeegee the arm as you're coming through the position.
  • UPDATE -- the other option is to wait with the arm on the far side until you feel them push into your hip. Then, switch to kesa gatame to isolate that elbow, then move into the d'arce.
  • On the ikkajo style take-downs I have to get my elbow above my opponents to get sufficient leverage.
  • We also worked on the shimmy escape from half guard. So you're stuck in someone's half guard. Get the far side underhook and squish them flat. Raise your butt in the air and put your forehead on the ground for stability. Shimmy your opponents leg down until just your foot is trapped. Staple down. Use your other foot to pry open their legs.
And that is probably all. I could do some more virtual training but I'll leave everything before it gets scrambled. I should, however, review the older curricula to make sure that I can still remember those techniques!

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