Monday, January 02, 2006

The English Gap

I've written before on the decided lack of Engish equivalents to the theatrum machinarum. There are a few --Bate, Wilkins, etc.-- but the Besson and Ramelli equivalents are missing. Despite this lack, the industrial revolution started in England with the innovations of Newcomen and Watt.

There are a few bridges in this informational wasteland. The first is the work of Sir Samuel Morland. His biography deserves a look, if for no other reason than some of his works were printed by Moses Pitt: Hooke's favourite.

The second work of note is The Century of Inventions by Edward Somerset, Marquis of Worcester... not that Watt owned these works.

With a little corroboration from Hooke, Evelyn, and Pepys, I may be able to get somewhere.


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