Friday, April 23, 2004

RIO PMP300 Nostalgia

I was just digging around in some old boxes when I came across the dongle for my "old" portable MP3 player. It seems like an oxymoron: "old MP3 player." The actual player has been sitting in my desk drawer (stuck to the bottom of drawer due to some sticky substance actually) for quite some time. Without the dongle, however, I thought it was useless. The player is a beaut. It was one of the first turqoise portable Rios. It had some sex appeal in its day! The dongle is even better. You have to synch using the parallel port (oh! the speed!). The actual driver app is similarly complex: "Sorry. Only Windows 95!" After breathing some life back into the old player I was shocked to find my old playlist still very much alive. It was a bit shocking to be able to listen to those vintage 2001 songs again! Who needs an iPod when you've got 64-megs and a parallel port!


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