Saturday, March 20, 2004

Recent Links

I found some interesting links at ResourceShelf that are worth reposting:

The high cost of not finding information...

- Knowledge workers spend from 15% to 35% of their time searching for information.

- Searchers are successful in finding what they seek 50% of the time or less, according to both Web search engines and our own surveys. An IDC study in 2001 ("Quantifying Enterprise Search," IDC, May 2002) found that only 21% of respondents said they found the information they needed 85% to100% of the time (see Figure 1).

- 40% of corporate users reported that they can not find the information they need to do their jobs on their intranets.

Census Report with statistics about television in the United States

Fast Company: It's a blog world after all

Blogs were once the domain of angst-ridden teens and doomed presidential candidates. But the likes of Verizon, IBM, Microsoft, and Dr. Pepper are all climbing on the blogwagon. Turns out, Web logs are a nifty knowledge-management tool. And companies also see them as a promising medium for advertising (naturally).

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