Friday, December 15, 2006

Classical Donkey Pr0n

Sometimes you come across something that is just too good to bypass. Pamela Long recounts a very interesting anecdote from a very old novel. Apuleius was amazingly modern in his second century novel, Metamorphoses. His tale of the travails of man who was turned into a donkey has the makings of a Fox TV program in some near-future Philip K. Dick universe:

“The subsequent tales in Metamorphoses recount the misadventures and sufferings of the ass that Lucius had become and record his failure to find and eat the roses that are required to change him back to a man again. In one notable incident Lucius engages in a long night of lovemaking with an aristocratic woman attracted by his huge donkey penis. Intrigued by the moneymaking potential of the situation, the donkey's owner plans a public show featuring a similar event. Just as Lucius is about to be subjected to public humiliation at a carnival by forced copulation with a condemned woman and to probably death by the wild beasts who are then to be set upon her, he escapes.” pg. 53


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