Friday, December 01, 2006

Random Bits of Fortification

Fortification wasn't originally limited to engineers. Many early fortification designers were also noted architects, painters, and sculptors, including Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Martini, and Sangallo. In their designs--only in manuscript form--we see the same presentation styles as later designers (i.e., plan and perspective views). For more information see:

Marani, P.C. (1985). Disegni di fortficazioni da Leonardo a Michelangelo. Firenze : Cantini.

Durer was also interested in fortifications. Late in life he wrote Befestigungslehre, a treatise on warfare. Unlike later works specifically on fortification, Durer's work is very text-heavy and uses both plan and perspective views. It is also notable due to Durer's use of profile views, a development is consistent with earlier artisan uses (as evidenced by Villard's sketch book) but is notably absent from the fortification sketches of Leonardo or Michaelangelo.

Dürer, Albrecht (1980). Befestigungslehre. Nördlingen : A. Uhl.


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