Sunday, March 05, 2006

Some Books of Note

Machines as the measure of men, Adas
Shaping technology/building society, Bijker
The social construction of technological systems, Bijker
The visible hand, Chandler
The cultural uses of print in early modern France, Chartier
The renaissance discovery of linear perspective, Edgerton
Emulation and inventions, Hindle
Prints and visual communication, Ivins
The nature of the book, Johns
Technology in western civilization, Kranzberg
The unbound prometheus, Landes
Aramis, Latour
The development of large technical systems, Mayntz
Technics and civilization, Mumford
The culture of technology, Pacey
The French book trade in the Ancien Regime, Pottinger
Work and revolution in France, Sewell
A history of technology, Singer
Technology's storytellers, Staudenmaier
The causes of the English revolution, Stone
Scientific management, Taylor
The art of medieval technology, Unger
Medieval technology and social change, White
Control through communication, Yates


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