Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A timeline for theatrum machinarum

I've been exploring some of the great early machine books in order to understand some of the transitions that occured in the depiction of machinery. Luckily, many of these great works are now online. From LOC TJ144 and some other sources I've compiled a chronological list of resources:
The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians also has some articles of interest:
  • 1966, 25.2 90 "Drawings of Machines for Architecture from the Early Quattrocento in Italy" GUSTINA SCAGLIA
  • 1977, 36.1 3 "On the Chronology of Francesco di Giorgio's Treatises: New Evidence from an Unpublished Manuscript" RICHARD J. BETTS
  • 1988, 47.2 132 "The Francesco di Giorgio Material in the Zichy Codex" CAROLYN KOLB
  • 1990, 49.2 161 "The Military Architecture of Francesco di Giorgio in Southern Italy" MICHAEL S. A. DECHERT

Last but not least, Michael S. Mahoney's paper Drawing Mechanics is very interesting. It is published in the book Picturing Machines 1400-1700.


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