Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Humour in the Globe and Mail

An inspired rewrite of Don Maclean's American Pie showed up in the Globe this morning:


Bye, bye, to that

C-E-O guy

A long, long time ago, I can still remember, how this stock used to make me smile.

And I knew if he had the chance, Frank Dunn could make those earnings dance, then maybe we'd be happy for a while.

But Nortel Networks Corp. made me shiver, with the news that it delivered. Bad news in my e-mail, I read every last detail.

I can't recall how much I drank. I prayed the news was just a prank. The gear is good, the accounting stank. The year that Nortel tanked.

So, bye, bye, to that C-E-O guy.

Had some fun, out there in Brampton, Navy Bill's now my guy. The numbers were bad, staff was cut to bare bones, Singin' should they go back to buildin' phones? Why don't they go back to makin' phones?

I started sellin' -- Bye, bye, to that C-E-O guy. Got in trouble, in the bubble, when the stock was sky high.

Now at 4 bucks, maybe worth one more try? But I still look back and can't help but sigh.

And my losses, make me break down and cry. Richard Bloom

$4.16, down $1.33 (NT - TSX)

The rest of the article is pretty good too.


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