Monday, August 25, 2003

Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry

There's a growing body of literature on KM in construction. It depends a lot on which way you want to interpret "knowledge management." Is it related to Supply Chain Management, Quality Improvement, Risk Management, Resource Utilization, etc.?

Here's a list of resources to get you started. In general, the list proceeds from the most easily found and accessibly to the rare and esoteric:

:: Introduction to Construction KM ::

Construction Best Practice Intro to KM

:: Publicly Available Documents ::


The Role of Information Technology in KM Within the Construction Industry

Organizational Learning in the UK Construction Industry

Motility of Practiced Knowledge: An exploration within the UK Construction Industry

:: Schema and Ontology (based on CSI Masterformat)::

Construction Industry Institute: CII Knowledge Structure

:: Journal Articles ::

Rezgui, Y. (2001). Review of information and the state of the art of knowledge management practices in the construction industry. Knowledge
Engineering Review. 16(3). pp. 241-245.

Abstract: This paper focuses upon the contribution which adequate use of the latest development in IT can make to the enhancement, development and improvement of professional expertise in the construction domain. The paper is based on the author's personal expertise and involvement in several UK- and European-funded research projects. First, the paper gives an overview of the benefits that can be gained from improved information and knowledge management in the construction industry. The latest developments in information and communication technologies are then described and presented as an enabler for effective knowledge management. Finally, the paper reviews the most promising techniques for information and knowledge management in the construction domain, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, as well as future directions for knowledge management in construction

McRea, Anna; Langdon, Davis (2003). Knowledge management in construction. Structural Engineer. 81(13). pp. 14+

Abstract: A review on the development of knowledge management in construction industry is presented. Mechanistic knowledge management involves automatic collation of the appropriate information and instruction to perform a certain task. It also enables to attach and keep track of information relevant to individuals who are responsible for performing specific tasks.

:: Lists of Other Resources Like Proceedings ::

:: Disertations ::

P.-O. M. Sverlinger. Managing Knowledge in Professional Service Organizations: Technical Consultants Serving the Construction Industry. PhD thesis, Department of Service Management, Chalmers University of Technology, G?teborg, Sweden, 2000.

Abstract at:




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