Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bates on "Information"

I've given up on the concept of "information." Following the lead of Frohmann and others, I've decided to pay closer attention to the Wittgenteinian-influenced notion of practices. To me, the need for this move is almost self-evident and I'm astounded by the ever-increasing mound of dross represented by the major information science journals.

But what do I know?

Marcia Bates apparently takes umbrage with this position. In the abstract for the first ISI Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture (to be delivered on September 26 at the University of British Columbia), she notes:

"Dozens, if not hundreds, of definitions of information have been provided in the history of the information professions, yet we don't agree on any one sense of the term. Out of frustration, some have even urged that we do without the concept. But in the numerous fields that deal with information, we should continue to tackle this fundamental question, precisely because it is so central to our work."


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