Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cleaning the Eavestrough

No... it's not a euphemism for something else. I spent the afternoon contemplating the task of cleaning my eavestroughs. I live in a very tall house and the ladder is incredibly scary. I figured there must be an easier way to do this while staying on the ground. Using my skills as an engineer and librarian-type, I decided to figure out a way to do it.

My eavestroughs are still clogged but at least I have some leads (thanks to the USPTO) of how I could possibly build a machine to do it for me:

4,258,825: Powered Manlift Cart. 1981. P.L. Collins
3,961,681: Mobile Scaffold With Series-Connected Hydraulic Motor Drive. 1976. R.E. Fisher (some more scissor action)
3,817,346: Mobile Scaffolding. 1974. D.T. Wehmeyer (for a scissor lift comparison)
3,095,945: Overhead Service Unit. 1963. M.E. Mitchell
2,995,380: Camera Dolly With Arcuate and Crab Steering. 1961. J.F. King
2,989,140: Self-Propelled Tower Vehicle. 1961. F.L. Hill et al
2,632,530: Telescoping Tower Vehicle. 1953. E.A. Wagner
668,691: Machine for Stacking or Piling Boxes, Packages, Barrels, etc. 1901. G.M. French


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