Sunday, June 12, 2005

Secondary sources

I haven't completely despaired of my quest for Wiley. While I still intend on contacting the AGS editor to get some back story, I may be able to glean some information from the trades. And boy, is it ever ugly! Here's a rough cut of potential sources for my next biblio-forray:


1. American library annual. 1955/56 to 57/58. Bowker. RDL Delivery LOAN Z731.B68
2. American library annual and book trade almanac. 1959. Bowker. RDL Delivery LOAN Z731.B68 1959
3. American library and book trade annual. Bowker. 1960-61. RDL Delivery LOAN Z731.B68 1960
4. The Bowker annual of library and book trade information. Bowker. ARCC Delivery LOAN 1967-1999; IMS 1997; DBW 2000-

Publishers' Weekly

Microfilm: Z1219.P82. There may be some very relevant information lurking in the pages of PW. I have no idea. To make things worse, I'm not sure if there's an index for PW or if there are any bibliographic aids at all! And it's all on microfilm... No full text search for me, just 130-years of biweekly publication.Yikes!


1. American book publishing record. 1960-1983. RDL Delivery LIB USE ONLY Z1219.A52
2. The Author speaks : selected PW interviews, 1967-1976 / by Publishers weekly editors and contributors. DBW. PN453.A9 1977
3. The Business of publishing : a PW anthology / with an introd. by Arnold W. Ehrlich. BUS Z285.B86


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