Sunday, March 13, 2005


It seems that the further I get from my engineering roots, the more I adopt engineering's trapings. I've noticed that I now write in a logbook with numbered and gridded pages with either a pencil (more precisely a Staedtler lead holder loaded with a freshly sharpened 2H) or a technical illustration pen (a 3.5mm black Staedtler). Instead of a rule, I now carry my trusty 45/45 set square (produced by Staedtler). Since Staedtler seems to have such a huge role in my writing habits, I have to ask: "Where did they come from?" The answer came to me from a source of dubious authority but at least I have enough information to start a real search: Friedrich Staedtler started a small pencil shop in Nurnberg in the year 1662. Incidentally, Kasper Faber a pencil factory in nearby in 1765.


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