Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Getting organized

I'm drifting. There are any number of projects that demand my attention but none of them are moving toward that an enlightened state: crossed-off, check-marked, green-lighted; I use a number of systems.

Some of this lack of progress is my own fault; some of it's not. A few of my projects are in administrative limbo. So basically, this is what I can do:

1. Continue with my men's study; contact a few more guys.
2. Focus on the AGS study. The problem is, I don't really have a research question other than, "what's up with these things?" Oh, I also have a method--content analysis. I'm just not sure how to stitch these things together given the rather scant background information. Do I go for a SCOT approach? How about a strait out history of books thing... I'm not sure. So here's what I'll do: come up with a question. I'll look at what other people have done and move on from there.

[broader question: why do I blog? This particular entry is rather odd and really has no significance for anyone else. I suppose that I suspect that people will get to my site through a search engine rather than through the front page. Therefor, this blog is a personal tool rather than a forum for publishing... That's not quite right but I'll figure it out later.]


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